You can travel anywhere in the world and always have the exact time on your watch

ASTRON is the re-invention of a watch!

Naoki Yoshioka
Naoki Yoshioka

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The purpose to have a clock is to tell the exact time. What makes a watch so attractive is that, even though the clock and the watch has the same purpose, it has different ways to approach this by “how” and “in what kind of style”. But then again the purpose of having a watch is to tell the exact time. Now there is a new watch that does exactly so.

Second generation ASTRON, now chronographed SBXB003

Seiko’s ASTRON is 100% solar powered and it has the ability to receive GPS signals. Now after receiving the GPS signals, it acquires the exact location information and standard time information, then calculates which time zone you are in. This means that you will always have the exact time on your wrist of the location you are in, without you correcting the time. (Yes, the radio clock also had automatic time set futures but it was limited to a few countries only. Not this time, you would be fine as long as you can see the sky!)

If you are a jet setter, there might even be a time when your watch is actually more accurate than the clock at the airport!

In March this year at the Baselworld Watch Show 2014 (The world’s largest trade show for watches), the second generation of this ASTRON was announced. It is now 30% smaller than the original, and is the standard watch size (to be honest, the original was super big). Also a big change is that is it now uses chronograph, which is exciting for SEIKO fanatics (far as I know SEIKO has small line up of chronographs).

The retail price of this line up will be around 200,000 yen. I’m guessing that the shop price will be around 160,000 yen. If you think it’s expensive, maybe you should wait a while. SEIKO in the past has been lowering the price for radio clocks to make them more common, therefore is thought that they will do the same for GPS watches.


I went to go see the actual second generation. People that likes old style designs might like the model with the round side button. The picture is the silicon band black model, but they had silver and metal band models too.


Translated by Yuki Mat


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