A 10 year old girl demands improvement at Hello Kitty’s shareholder meeting

We get so much towels...

Michihisa Nakamura
Michihisa Nakamura

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On June 26th, the character design management company for Hello Kitty, Sanrio Co., Ltd’s annual shareholder’s meeting was held. A 10 year old girl that was granted permission to talk during the meeting, strongly demanded an improvement in shareholder special benefit plan. This is what she stated.

“Because we get only towels for the shareholder’s benefit, our closet is full of towels and have no more space for them. I prefer to have stuffed animals.”


This statement received a big round of applause, which meant many people agreed. The CEO Shintaro Tsuji said “Let’s do it! Let’s do stuffed animals next!”.



Translated by Yuki Mat


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