The punk rock band Bodyjar releases a promotion movie online to promote their crowd funding to come on tour to Japan

Does the Kabuki inspired make up help raise money?

Michihisa Nakamura
Michihisa Nakamura

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An Australian melodic punk rock band Bodyjar has announce that they will use crowd funding to fund the money to come on tour to Japan, and released a promotion movie to promote this. This is a great news from the fans from the 90s.



The drummer Shane Wakker puts on a Kabuki inspired make up and spreads vegemite on his toast with a chopstick and trying to appeal to the Japanese audience, but after having this video online for a week, it as only been played 160 times. It seems like the tour to Japan will be a dream. The ticket sales is only 50%. Please cooperate and share this information with friends. You can buy tickets from the link below. BODYJAR


Alive is a crowd funding website for foreign artists that wants to come to Japan on tour. If you can sell the amount or tickets required by the venue in advance, you get to come to Japan. If the ticket sales is not enough, the live will be canceled and the precooked tickets does not get refunded. From this, Japan tour will become more accessible for everyone, where as now it is the big shot production that is running all this. This is a start up that people are paying attention to.





Translated by Yuki Mat


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