No more need for hybrid cars? Why can an ordinary gasoline car achieve 35.2 km/l?

This car only weighs 730 kg and can accommodate 4 passengers! Only half the weight of a Camry!

Naoki Yoshioka
Naoki Yoshioka

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Mira e:s (Daihatsu), sales limited in Japan,  regained its title in Japan’s severe competition as the “best fuel-efficient car”. This is since Alto eco (Suzuki) got the title last December.

The reason for its lightness is because Japan has it own standards for “light motors (under 660 cc)”. China, Korea and France have the same kind of standard for mini vehicles.

The lighter the vehicle is, the more fragile it will be, and the more fragile, the more danger there is in case of an accident. You may think, “will this kind of car sell?”. But light motors have much smaller taxes than a normal sedan car, and the N-BOX (Honda) which sold the most in light motors, has sold almost 230,000 cars last year. Its a savior to the Japan economy that is experiencing a downturn in consumption.

Also, Suzuki with the know-hows of a light motor has advanced to India, a market that has the matching needs for low-cost cars. Now, approximately 40% of the cars in India are Suzuki. But this didn’t work for China, where wealth is fast growing.

The Prius from Toyota has already exceeded 60km/l, but its expensive. The popularity keeps growing for light cars with high fuel-efficiency, whose average price is around 1 million yen.




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