Major renewal in Tamagocchi. NFC corresponding, and ready to come in to the real world

Having a real 7 month old baby, I think I'll pass this time

Naoki Yoshioka
Naoki Yoshioka

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Tamagocchi is loved by everyone. It has been updated until now, but they announced that the new version to be sold in September would have a major renewal.


1: NFC installed

You can get characters, items and coupons through the “TOUCH SPOT” placed all over Japan using NFC. But, where will these “TOUCH SPOT”s be placed?


2: Where can NFC be used?
To promote sales and visitors to amusement spaces and stores, BANDAI has set the “Bandai Data Spot” in 3,000 spots in Japan. This is already 100 times the hydrogen station for fuel-cell venicles. The “TOUCH SPOT”s will be place in these areas.


3: More interaction
The interaction between 2 Tamagocchi machines will be strengthened, and users will be able to exchange profile, read compalibility, and play mini-games with together.


4: You can even hire a babysitter
The user can have a babysitter, so he won’t have to take care of it during work. You won’T have to blame yourself of being a bad parent.

The Tamagocchi smartphone apps are popular, too. However, I would recommend to play it in the charm-type. I have a real 7 month old baby, so I think I’ll pass this time.




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