Shocking truth about Assemblyman Ryutaro Nonomura’s pose

Can you find what's wrong with this picture?

Michihisa Nakamura
Michihisa Nakamura

XAMOSCHi Writer & traveler

Michihisa loves gadgets. He also loves outdoors. He’s recently into Ultra-Light Gear, and is interested in knowing how the latest gear changes your travel. There are many outdoor activity makers in Japan that are not yet known abroad, and Michihisa will be the one to introduce them to you!

Assemblyman Ryutaro Nonomura’s wailing hysterically on TV was so shocking that it became famous all over the world. Another thing that brought attention in this movie was the way Assemblyman Nonomura listens carefully to the reporters question. This was so hokey that it again, attracted attention on the internet and now high school girls are immitating this pose to take selfies.

However, someone on the internet pointed out a shocking truth. Have you noticed what’s wrong?

That’s right. The hand he has on his ear is not in the back but in the front of the ear! No intention to listen at all! Or, is he just trying not to listen?

Another person on the internet commented “Now, I’ve lost confidence if we really understand his charms”.

*To be honest, I can’t event bring myself to see the video of this foolish incident, but if a person goes this far, all you can do is laugh.



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