A new form of digital book that you can enjoy reading while you are pretending to work

A chance to finish reading "The Fountainhead" while working

Naoki Yoshioka
Naoki Yoshioka

XAMOSCHi Chief Editor

Establisher of tempo, Inc. a web production company. Naoki has been in the web industry ever since he established the company in 2000. He specializes in tech, culture and also loves international movies and literature. Naoki is also keen on studying old Japanese material arts (Sousuishiryu-Kumiuchi-Koshinomawari: Seirenkan and Aikido: Aikikai) and continues his training until today.

Its a simple story. They made a program so that the lines of the book will become the file name. Its not a “folder with a digital book in it”. Its the “digital book itself”!

  1. We tried downloading “Rashomon” of Ryunosuke Akutagawa, which is well known by the Akira Kurosawa film, and the 6500 Japanese character piece was divided into 545 folders.
  2. “Kokoro” of Soseki Natsume, 17500 Japanese characters is now in 8812 folders.
  3. Currently, 20 novels whose copy right has expired are being publishes as demo data.

The program is published through Github, so maybe you can try it out.
If anyone tries “The Fountainhead”, be sure to let us know.

Github hilotter/bungaku-folder


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