A printer that can print out iphone screen captures in their acutal size

It might be difficult to request your office to buy it.

Naoki Yoshioka
Naoki Yoshioka

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Its something like the iphone versiong of BERG’s LittlePrinter.



  1. “Rolto”, like the Little Printer, uses a thermal paper roll , so it is possible toeven print a long screen.
  2. Browsers, cameras, photos, mails, maps, Evernote and memos are printable.
  3. It uses a special app as a platform to operate several apps to capture and print the screen.
  4. The special app and “Rolto” is connected through a wireless LAN.
  5. Unfortunately, it may be difficult to walk around with.


Kingjim, the developer is known for making niche and low-tech stationary.


Pomera is a well known product.



Pomera is;

  1. A one-function text editor for just entering text data into a n SD card.
  2. UI only has a 5.7 inch monochrome screen and a keyboard.
  3. It only corresponds to Bluetooth2,1 as the data communication function.
  4. It does not have an OS, and the assembler and application is composed of C language (no expandibility)
  5. On the other side, it activates quickly, and you can input text whenever you need to.

There are times when you are using an iPhone and you want to print out the screen.

You could hand it to someone with a memo, or maybe you’d want to see information of different screens at the same time.

It’s interesting and cute.  But it may be difficult to request to your company. I might have bought it if it were portable.




Translated by Elena


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