A walking robot with no motor or control system. Also sold as walking assistance machine

If Theo Janssen uses the wind, then this one uses potential energy

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Professor Akihito Sano of Nagoya Institute of Technology is researching walking robots that do not have motors or electrical control systems. Well, a picture is worth a thousand words, so take a look at this movie.



According to his Passive Walking theory, BigDog and ASIMO are too agressive. Legs are made so that it can walk only by its structure.

The only source of energy is potential energy. The Passive Walking Robot uses the energy that it falls forward and the other foot will oscillate forward. If the structure is correct, the robot will be able to walk by just repeating this action.

The robot the Professor Sano created kept walking on a running machine, just like one in a gym, for 13 hours and 45 minutes. There were a total of 100 thousand steps.

A walking assistance machine applying this robot will be sold for 150,000 yen.

Patients with disability in walking because of brain infarction or other reasons, will be able to walk with their own feet by using this assistance machine. This is an amazing result.



from 2 mins 25 secs~


A drive system would be necessary for the robot to walk on level ground of climb hills. However, using the Passive Walking theory, future human-shaped robots will be able to walk with little energy.


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