After sushi, next comes the meat-go-round

There's still just one place, but a day may come that meat will be going "around" all over Japan.

Michihisa Nakamura
Michihisa Nakamura

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Would meat be the next one to be going around?


  1. A place in Mie prefecture started a train style barbecue restaurant.
  2. The system is the same as the kaiten-sushi (sushi-go-round).

Good points


  1. There are some kinds of sushi that even Japanese can’t tell what it is.  By having the sushi going around on the rail, it made it easier because you can choose by its appearances.
  2. We eat the intestines in the Japanese style barbecue, but yes, there are parts we cannot tell. Its very convenient to be able to choose by its appearances.
  3. You can try expensive meat in small portions, so its is convenient for people who want to try the Matsuzaka beef at a reasonable price.



Train-style barbecue of Matsuzaka beef! ISSYOUBIN


This place serves A5 rank (highest rank) Japanese beef.Customers of this place take the implementation of this rail-style as an effort to not just create buzz, but also as a way to enjoy expensive meat at a reasonable price.A day may come that meat will be going “around” all over Japan.


Address: 144-5 Miya machi, Matsuzaka-shi, Mie-ken

Holidays: Fluctuant (no meat-go-round on Thursdays)





Translated by Elena


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