BABYMETAL charges through

The EU tour sold out immediately. Next, is Lady GAGA's world tour.

Yamato Oike
Yamato Oike


Born in 1974, Yamato specializes in subculture of any kind, but not so much in Anime. He aims to introduce the attractions of cheap-Japanese restaurants!

July 7, the “BABYMETAL WORLD TOUR 2014″ was held in The Forum, England, and the crowd was stirred by a tide of enthusiasm. BABYMETAL is a metal band consisted of 3 idles, 15 to 16 years of age, and they are charging their way into the world.


  1. They started their world tour this month, and visited France, Germany and England.
  2. They participated in the rock festival “Sonisphere Festival UK”.
  3. Initially, they were supposed to be in the tent stage, but because of the sensation they made, they changed the stage to the main stage.
  4. All of the concerts in France, Germany and England have sold out immediately, and the venues are being upgraded.
  5. In august, BABYMETAL will participate in “HEAVY MONTREAL”, the world’s 2nd largest metal festival.
  6. They will also appear in 5 of  the U.S. concerts of Lady GAGA’s  world tour.


The reason they are highly judged is because of the high quality of their music. This is realized by the talent of various musicians, such as Ueda of Mad Capsule Markets, an internationally-respected musicians. Japan may not have the highest performance level in the world, but the Japanese musicians pursued technical experiments on musical grammar with electrical equipment. The recent style that has been established in the Japanese music scene is to let kitsch teenage female idles sing these very unique songs. The success of BABYMETAL comes from acclamation of such styles.




Translated by Elena


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