Government conspiracy? The same person appears in street interviews of different incidents, and there was an unexpected end to the story.

According to the interviewer, she's a tough woman

Naoki Yoshioka
Naoki Yoshioka

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A picture posted on the SNS 3 days ago is drawing attention. First, take a look at this.


These are street interviews of 2 totally different incidents, clearly, this is the same person (both are interviews of a well-known celebrity’s scandal). We found that this person appears in many other street interviews, and this rose a doubt of a setup by the TV station.


This especially rose an argument among a group believing in conspiracy theory that “this proofs that someone is trying to control the people’s minds to  make a particular imprint of  the incident, by controlling the media”, and this quickly spread through the SNS. The following are the proof that they point out.




They say that the camera of another TV station accidentally caught the picture of the woman having a meeting with the shooting staff.  So far, this woman has been found in 7 news images. This is too much to be a coincidence.

However, this fuss came to an unexpected end yesterday. Please take a look at this image.


Her name is Shiho Akimoto, and she is a civilian who likes to attend various trial hearings and chase celebrities  around to take photos with them. The image is an article of a writer who found this out and interviewed her. According to the writer, “she is a genuine civilian, and she’s a surprisingly tough woman”.


The odds that seemed almost impossible was only possible because of her amazing action power. The conspiracy theorists who have made such a fuss are acting as nothing ever even happened.





Translated by Elena



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