Hugh Jackman sings in a TOYOTA commercial

He sings popular Japanese songs

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Hugh Jackman, who performed a beautiful singing voice in the film Les Misérables is now drawing attention by singing a cover of a Japanese song in a TOYOTA commercial.



The commercial is for CROWN a series of a high class TOYOTA sedan (by the way this car does not sell out side of Japan, because they want to sell Lexus abroad). A blue CROWN and green CROWN appears according to Hugh Jackman’s mood (the colored cars in the commercial were specially made for the commercial and is not for sale). He sings while he drives these cars. There are 2 songs.



Ano Subarashii Ai O Moichido (I want that wonderful love again)


In the blue version, he sings a song called “Ano Subarashii Ai wo Moichido (I want that wonderful love again)”, which is a song of 1971, which has become a standard in Japan, and many singers have covered the song. I also found that a band called The Brothers Four has covered it it in English before. They were quite popular in Japan a long time ago.



The Brothers Four – Green Fields (Medley)

These 3 songs



Kiseki (Miracle)


The other song is a song  called “Kiseki (Miracle)” by the band greeeen. This is a recent song, in 2008. Another very popular song to Japanese. I found that this, too had been covered in English by ANDREW W.K. by the title “KISEKI”. ANDREW W.K. is not so well known… but there are fans. He came to Japan to join a music festival.



■Special website




We found a special website for the commercial. Here, you can also find the interview with Hugh Jackman. But beware, because the site is unbelievably heavy. I wonder what kind of engineer made it…





Translated by Elena


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