Special fan to cool your shoes on sale

According to the record, it can cool down minus 3 degrees

Michihisa Nakamura
Michihisa Nakamura

XAMOSCHi Writer & traveler

Michihisa loves gadgets. He also loves outdoors. He’s recently into Ultra-Light Gear, and is interested in knowing how the latest gear changes your travel. There are many outdoor activity makers in Japan that are not yet known abroad, and Michihisa will be the one to introduce them to you!

It may because of the global warming, but Tokyo is definitely becoming a tropic climate. But even in this crazy heat, businessmen head to work in business suit and leather shoes everyday. The heat in their shoes is a serious issue. But, if you have this, your problem will be solved.



■USB Re-freshening Shoes Cooler

  1. A micro-fan that can be attached to shooes
  2. Size:  W48×L72×H33 (mm)
  3. Weight: 50g
  4. Fan speed is adjustable on 2 levels: strong and weak
  5. Power is fed through a USB cable
  6. There is no built-in battery, so if you do not have a computer near by, you’ll need a portable battery.
  7. Price: 1,980 yen


The seller, THANKO Rare-mono Shop is known for developing and planning cheap and nice products, by combining existing technologies.  Here is an example of some of their other interesting products. 。



■Swimming goggle full HD camera


New product. A goggle that can take a high resolution full HD under water.

21,800 yen



■DIY remote control micro-camera


The camera is 8X8mm. The movie will be saved in the micro SD. Movement sensor installed.

8,980 yen



■Waterproof infrared ray camera for fishing rod


A camera is attached at the end of a 16m cable. You can see what there is underwater with the monitor.

24,800 yen





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