6 different types of prayer time calculations. A watch for Muslims that only Casio can make.

You can experience this algorithm in CASIO's website

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One of Casio’s secret hit products is a watch for Muslims. Its a series call the PRAYER COMPASS, and the new model has sold 400 thousand pieces in 30 countries.


・It has a system to show the direction of Mecca.
・There are 6 patterns in ways of calculating the timing for prayer.
・Casio was the first company in the world to develop a watch with a compass in 1993.
・A digital model of that watch was sold in 1997, and became a hit.
・An analog model was sold in 2012 (according to the website, currently there is only the analog version)


Calculating the time for prayer is extremely complex. You can experience this algorithm in CASIO’s website (in the website, there are 7 patterns of calculation).


Prayer Times and Direction -ke!san Online Calculator





Translated by Elena


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