Computer kit made only of transistors, total number of parts: 6926. 198,000 yen

All you need is the concentration to read the manual and the patience to finish the work

Naoki Yoshioka
Naoki Yoshioka

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This kit moves using only a transistor, resistance, capacitor, diode, switch and connector. It does not use any IC (and group resistor).

Both the CPU and the memory is made by the transistor.
The total number of components are 6926.
It should be the master of soldering when its complete.


・CPU:11 bit
・Clock:1KHz (manual clock is available)
・Register:A,B and C
・RAM: 5.5 byte
・ROM: 128 byte


In the demo, it is calculating the pi (per 1:35 seconds). It  calculates to 2 decimal places in 4.3 seconds.  This is an sufficient speck for practical use.





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