Frozen’s tremendous popularity in Japan continues to break sales records

It is expected to exceed the DVD sales record of "Spirited Away" that sold 2.4 million packages

Naoki Yoshioka
Naoki Yoshioka

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Its unstoppable.  Here are some of the records it has made.

Breaking records

  • Marking the top record for the first week’ sales of DVD  (1,514,000 packages). and was the first one in 12 years to the break the record of “Spirited Away” that sold 1,406,000 in the first week.
  • Top number of sales made on the first day the Blue Ray Disk was sold (661,000 packages), whild “EVANGELLION:2.0″ had the record of selling 465,000. This broke the record of all Blue Ray Disk sales in Japan.
  • It became the first to sell over a million Blue Ray Disks in Japan.
  • According to CCC, major video rental company, the number of times the movie was rented exceeded a million times on July 30. (They announced that will exceed the rental number of  “Avatar” and “Pirates of Caribbean: At World’s End” .)

The cumilative DVD sales record will be broken soon, too

The highest cumulative DVD sales was “Spirited Away” that sold 2,403,000 packages, but “Frozen” has already sold 2,014,495. It should only take days to break the record.

Box office is now 3rd in place. Will it break the record?

Box office sales is said to have exceeded 22.3  billion yen. This comers in 3rd after “Spirited Away” (30.4 billion yen) and Titanic (26.2 billion yen). It may be difficult to break the record now that the market’s interest has transferred from the theater to the DVD, but it still has a good chance.




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