The diameter of the typhoon seen from space was 3000 kilometers. How about the eye of the typhoon?

If you tried passing through these clouds in a bullet train, it would take 13 hours. That is, if you can get through it alive..

Naoki Yoshioka
Naoki Yoshioka

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A photo of the super typhoon Neoguri taken from the ISS (International Space Station), 400 kilometers above ground. If you look at a photo taken by another satellite,  its diameter is about 3000 kilometers, almost the size of Japan.



Then, can you tell how large the eye of the storm is?

The answer is 70 kilometers. This was announced last night.

Neoguri, a super typhoon that occurs once in decades, is said to pass right through Japan. Come to think of it, the weather in Tokyo seems to be getting worse??






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