The flattest thing in the world

If you compare it to the size of Los Angeles County, there's only 5mm of vertical interval

Naoki Yoshioka
Naoki Yoshioka

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This glass substrate, 10 cm in diameter has a surprisingly precise flatness. Its flatness technically expressed as λ/100(6.3 nm).


  1. If you compare it to the total size of LA and its surroundings Counties of Orange, Ventura and San Bernadino, there is only 5mm of vertical interval.
  2. It was developed by the AIST(The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology )of Japan.
  3. The accuracy of currently available glass substrates are about λ/20(32 nm), and this one is 5 times as accurate.

Production of highly accurate optical components can be possible

This ultrafine glass substrate are essential for increasing the preciseness of optical components.


  1. In order to create a highly accurate optical component, it is necessary to measure if it reaches the expected accuracy.
  2. Such measurements will be possible with this glass substrate.
  3. Which means, that it will be possible to produce highly accurate optical components because of this glass substrate.


But wait. If its necessary to measure it to produce the item, then how did they measure this glass substrate in the first place? That’s right. The secret of creating this glass substrate was the invention of a measuring instrument that can make measurements of even higher accuracy. They use laser beams for the measurement.


In fact, because of this invention, it is possible to develop flat mirrors and prism with higher efficiency than the existing ones. By the way, can’t they make my camera lens lighter?





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