Surprised cat dances when it sees a kitten for the first time

Take a look at them!!!!

Michihisa Nakamura
Michihisa Nakamura

XAMOSCHi Writer & traveler

Michihisa loves gadgets. He also loves outdoors. He’s recently into Ultra-Light Gear, and is interested in knowing how the latest gear changes your travel. There are many outdoor activity makers in Japan that are not yet known abroad, and Michihisa will be the one to introduce them to you!

A cat is so surprised that it starts dancing Lol



The owner just brought these kittens home. The cat, who lived there was so surprised to see them!

When the owner found these kittens, their eyes weren’t even open yet. After a while the cat got used to it, but its still tense.



This is how they where like 2 months later. The three of them seems to get along with each other. Very different from the first time!



The kittens found new homes, and they will part soon. Its a bit sad, but I hope all 3 cats will be happy.





Translated by Elena


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