World renown audio equipment manufacturing company makes a remarkable automatic sushi machine

Sushi rice comes out automatically when you put out your hand… there’s a censor that detect the hand.

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World renown audio equipment manufacturing company audio-technica, just announced the launch of the most stylish and compact automatic sushi machine in the industry called ASM405.

When I first heard the news, I didn’t really understand what they were talking about. Please take a look at the video below.



Actually audio-technica is well known as the pioneer for automatic sushi machines (especially in the sushi shops abroad), they have been making them for more than 30years now. Maybe for people abroad, audio-technica is might be known as a sushi machine manufacturer than a audio equipment manufacturer.


  • 1962 Establishes the company specializing in phonograph cartridges
  • 1974 Develops and launches stereo headphones
  • 1978 Develops and launches microphones
  • 1984 Develops and launches sushi machines


When we look into the company’s history, it’s hard to understand why the company decided to develop sushi machines. When we look into old interviews of the company, back in the 80s audio-technica was looking for a new business enterprise other than audio machines. This idea of the sushi machine was a selected through a contest within the company.


Apparently there are no synergy between the different enterprises.

High End Machine ASM600

High End Machine ASM600

The high end sushi machine ASM600 can make up to 3600 sushi rice in one hour (ASM405 can make 1800 sushi rice per hour). A real sushi chef can make about 1000 sushi rice in an hour. This proves how high-tech audio-techinica is.


To be very successful in two different industry is amazing. This success story is very Japanese. Japanese manufactures are very good at quality control. They are not really good at making something innovative using research materials. They are good at manufacturing, then fixing the glitches (aka Kaizen), and make better products. Audio-technica is a typical example of this. Audio-techinia knows very well that even if the products are not really high tech, if the market is very niche, as long as the market has a continuous growth, it can bring them success in any area of business.



Translated by Yuki Mat


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