Oculus Rift vs Sony Morpheus

The objective of the contents is to increase presence in Japan

Naoki Yoshioka
Naoki Yoshioka

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During the GDC2014, the TEKKEN TEAM presented their demo, the “SUMMER LESSON”. Until now, Oculus Rift had a stronger share than Morpheus. This was because Oculus Rift became popular for its users creating various  apps. Sony’s aim of this demo was to increase popularity within Japan. Just as they planned, the buzz spread rapidly through Japanese internet users.



  • You can feel this reality through experience. Its unpredictable
  • Please notice that the the character recognizes the player
  • There is also an UI for to communicate for the UI
  • We hope to provide an experience of being able to “meet” the character



The person who experienced “SUMMER LESSON” says:


  • The distance with the character was so close, that it made me nervous
  • The character has a strong impact.  It’s a totally different experience compared to looking at it in a flat screen.
  • I wish I could stay here forever



Its great that a leading game company is making a game for visual reality headsets.  Moreover, an open platform like Oculus Rift is also necessary in a new field like visual reality headsets.  The existence of the two should be essential for the development of visual reality games.


Translated by Elena


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