[World's First] Listed companies are now anime girls. New stock market site “IRroid”

The character's mood change according to the stock prices!

Makoto Katsuragi
Makoto Katsuragi


Japan has done it again. On August 14th 2014, a Nikkei Inc. group company QUICK has released a new stock market observation site that anime girls deliver to you, called “IRroid”. Every listed company has their own anime girls, and they tell you company information, stock price, and financial information in a very unique way. It’s going viral!

IRroid will be the company’s spokes person for investor’s relations

According to the description on the official website, it says
“The IRroid that will be in charge of the company will share the company information and stock prices.”
“The IRroid’s mood will totally be effected by the company’s stock prices, the will cry all day, smile all day, or sometimes be mad all day…”

Can be changed into “Business Mode” or “Moe (cute) Mode”

For example, the well established traditional hotel, Imperial hotel has corporate code 9708. The character for this company is dressed in a Kimono.
When you change it to “Moe (cute) Mode”, the company name changes into “Terumi Oshika” and the company information changes into character description. The character destruction is based on the company and the company information is reflected into the information. For the Imperial Hotel, it said “A beautiful lady that was brought up in a traditional family, and is a attentive host, has great hospitality skills.” This is exactly the hotel’s image.

Investment indices can be learnt like a game

HP (Aggregate Market Value)
Striking Power (ROE)
Defense Power (Shareholders’ Equity / Total Assets)
Hospitality (Dividends)
Tsundere* Power (Historical Volatility)
Influence Power (TOPIX weight)
Lofty Dream(Minimum Price)
Condition (Stock Price)

Tsundere is a Japanese character development process that describes a person who is initially cold and even hostile towards another person before gradually showing their warm side over time. The word is derived from the terms tsun tsun, meaning to turn away in disgust, and dere dere meaning to become ‘lovey dovey’.
(source: Wikipedia)

The mood changes from stock prices.

For example
“Today’s price is 3295 yen, it’s +0.76% comparing to yesterday! OMG, with that kind o ego, it can destroy you!”
“Today’s price is 2244 yen, it’s -0.62% comparing to yesterday! Heeeeey! That really hurt, but thank you for thinking of me.”
“Today’s price is the highest every! Well done! Yay!”
They tell you with a character like tone.

*If you click on the body the character changes comments.

Impressive Illustrators

“IRroid”’s main character “Ran Tsukumo” was illustrated by the famous Ryo Ueda. Other famous illustrators include Tomoko Ohtake, suishougensou, Miton.

Character Example

Car manufacture: Shimano (Saeko Muguruma)

Manufacturer of commercial, industrial, appliance motors and controls: Nidec Corporation (Rina Tonoshiro)

Pharmaceutical company:Astellas Pharma Inc. (Asna Yakushiji)





Translated by Yuki Mat


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