CHIBATMAN, requested to report to police

As all heroes do, he went straight to the police

Naoki Yoshioka
Naoki Yoshioka

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The appearance of CHIBATMAN was so perfect, that he became popular to the world at once. CHIBATMAN run through the public streets in his costume and machine must have been a jaw-dropper. And he was finally requested to report to the police. CHIBATMAN said in his interview in cinematoday.


CHIBATMAN reported to the police station as requested. He didn’t wear this costume, but went in his normal clothes. There he found a motor vehicle official in charge of licensing and registering vehicles. As suspected, the issue was about the “CHIBAPOD” that CHIBATMAN arranged himself from a trike. They only checked on how he arranged the vehicle, and decided that there was no problem to it.


Now CHIBATMAN is officially approved by the police. Actually, he has been declining the flood of requests from the media. He says this is because he wants to remain as a character who can give smiles to the people that meet or see him in town. Now, THIS is a real hero.


Translated by Elena




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