Panasonic has given out an announcement that it will make a train run with batteries.

Has two records on the Guinness Book of Records already.

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Panasonic has announced that it will make a train (with people on it) run by EVOLTA batteries, to show the long lasting ability and the power it has.


  • They will use a train made of special type of strong cardboards, and is about 500kg.
  • They will pack it with people so the total will be about 1 ton.
  • It will run on a dead track in Akita prefecture.
  • The distance will be approximately 8km.
  • The energy source will be EVOLTA D size battery (numbers has not been mentioned yet)


So far EVOLTA has 2 Guinness World Records.


■Mini robot climbs 530.4m cliff on the Grand Canyons with only 2 AA batteries.



■Mini robot runs the “24 heures du Mans” for 24 hours with only 2 AA EVOLTA batteries.

The distance was 23.726km. Has a record of “The Longest Distance Covered By a Battery Operated Remote Controlled Model Car” on the Guinness Book of Records.



■Ran a plastic train track which was over 4km with only one AA EVOLTA batteries.

Has the record as “The Longest Plastic Train Track” on the Guinness Book of Records.



We hope that they will succeed on this too.




Translated by Yuki Mat


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