A Plain Old MX-5? Boring!The Craziest Car in Japan Right Now is This!

So crazy it's awesome! But the interior is that of the trending MX-5!

Michihisa Nakamura
Michihisa Nakamura

XAMOSCHi Writer & traveler

Michihisa loves gadgets. He also loves outdoors. He’s recently into Ultra-Light Gear, and is interested in knowing how the latest gear changes your travel. There are many outdoor activity makers in Japan that are not yet known abroad, and Michihisa will be the one to introduce them to you!

OK brothers and sisters!It seems like every day the automotive sites are filled with news about the MX-5. But in Japan we have bigger news: an even cooler car has debuted. It’s the Himiko CRAZY TIMER!


  1. The car was produced by MITSUOKA Motor and Isetan working together.
  2. MITSUOKA Motor is the clever creator of the Pike Car, built by remodeling the vehicle of another company.
  3. Isetan is a famous high class department store in Japan.
  4. Of course, this car can only by purchased through Isetan.


The specs are also crazy!


  1. The base car is the MX-5! Crazy!
  2. It comes with an electric automatic hard top attached! Crazy!
  3. The body is painted in a neon-green pearl! Crazy!
  4. Standard cars takes only three days for paintwork, this one takes seven days painting by hand! Crazy!
  5. The seats and upholstery is crocodile leather (but it is synthetic)! Crazy!
  6. Here and there we see a tartan check pattern of the same style as Isetan’s paper bags! Crazy!


The price is five million, five hundred thousand yen (around fifty five thousand dollars). It’s fixed at about the same price as the special version car sold by MITSUOKA Motor in 2008, called HIMIKO (the name an empress from ancient Japan), so the price is not too steep considering what an insane car this is. Getting in a regular old MX-5 just won’t cut it now! There are only a mere twenty for sale. Get a bit of the madness for yourself.


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Translated by Daniel Burke




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