Cats makes your pizza at the Pizza Hut in Japan

Cat lovers are dying from cuteness.

Makoto Katsuragi
Makoto Katsuragi


Pizza Hut Japan has a new shop called “Pizza Cat*” for it’s new commercial. It’s adored by car lovers. This promotion is from August 18th to October 26th.

*”Pizza Cat” does not exist in real life. It’s just for the promotion.



Here are the staffs at Pizza Cat



TENCHO(Meaning: Store Manager)

Born by the Arakawa River in Tokyo. It’s been his dream to have his own shop, and now has became the store manager.


HIME(Meaning: Princess)

Born in Wall Street, New York. Came to Japan with it’s owner.


DORA(Meaning: Stray Cat)

Doesn’t talk much about the past, but seems like he had a rough youth.


DETCH(Meaning: Boy now in training.)

Born behind a gas station in the suburbs. Was the leader of a motorcycle gang.





“It’s time for work, y’all!


“Morning assembly! Fire us up!”


“Shut up, paws off the phone! They’re all for me!”


“Destination checked! We’ll be there safe driving.”


“Don’t get cute with us, we’re not working for money.”



Reaction from the Japanese Internet users.


“The cutest thing ever!!”

“Oh Meow God!”

“Can I have the staff to go?”

“May I pay with tuna cans?”

“This is not far!!”

“What is this?? lol”






Translated by Yuki Mat


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