Now It’s Our Turn? A Kitty Brand for Men Has Arrived: “HELLO KITTY MEN”!!

I have a feeling there will be a lot of female customers.

Makoto Katsuragi
Makoto Katsuragi


Sanrio has announced the start of a new brand aimed at men: HELLO KITTY MEN. Eight designs which will stimulate people’s imagination are being exhibited, ranging from the trademark ribbon standing in for the sign for infinity (∞) and representing the limitlessness of possibility,  to using the style of an x-ray display or patterns of numbers. Right now they are for display only, but products are planed for sale in December.


Point 1:

Hello Kitty is reaching its fortieth birthday.


Point 2:

They have appointed young creative types who are active working on many different fronts.


Point 3:

There is anticipated demand as a gift to men from women.



A message from Hello Kitty.


Sorry to keep you waiting boys!

Hey there boys, hows it going?
It’s Kitty. Up until now I’ve received the affection of many girls.
But you know what? I’ve always thought…
That it sure would be nice if I could be by the side of guys too, and not only girls.

That’s why I’m starting something new,
where we make Kitty goods for men. It’s the HELLO KITTY MEN Project!

The first step is an exhibition of T-shirts made in collaboration with a designer.
Pretty cool, right?
From here on we’ll deliver Kitties in all kinds of new shapes.
Keep an eye out!

Project Start!



Responses from Japanese net users.


This guy with a ribbon in his hair is the product?
“Kitty-guy (Kichigai – meaning ‘crazy’ in Japanese) is good enough! Lol
Didn’t the old guy version of Hello Kitty appear in the U-POHS (second hand car dealer) commercial?

Gay people like cute things even when they are middle aged. And even if you a woman, if you aren’t interested in this kind of thing your completely not interested.

My lucky underwear have finally arrived. From now on everything is coming up my way.
The name is a bit of a problem I think. Lol.
I get the feeling that a lot of women will end up buying these shirts, only in S size of course.


Translated by Daniel Burke




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