【Comparing Japan and America】Japanese Salaryman vs. American Salesman [Video]

Being a costomer would be better in Japan, but working seems better in America

Makoto Katsuragi
Makoto Katsuragi


A 2-minute video that comically illustrates the differences between the ways of working in Japan and in the U.S. is creating buzz on YouTube. The author is Steve, an American who has worked in Japan before. The title is “Japanese Salaryman vs. American Salesman”.




Japanese Salaryman


He sits up-right at his desk, and takes notes while punching in numbers with his calculator.
He bows even if he’s talking on the phone.
He makes sure the other person hangs up before he carefully replaces the phone.



American Salesman


“Mondays just suck. Oh, look at all this stuff I gotta do. I got a whole week ahead of me.. I’m gotta start to watch a video or something..”
The way he talks on the phone is very causal. He has his feet are on his desk.
He carelessly slams the phone when he hangs up, and goes off to lunch before starting work.



America has higher labor productivity


According to the 2011 OECD research, Americans make 60 dollars per hour when on the other side, Japanese make only 40. It’s sad to know that Japanese are working so hard, but not making as much money as Americans.



Reactions from Japanese net users


“Interesting! I think he captures the features of Japanese people”
“Are people in America really that loose? Lol”
“Do Americans really work like this? If this were in Japan, they’d never get any customers. Its a wonder how a company would last with people working like this.”
“Japanese people don’t have the ability to convert their effort as part of the cost.”
“Sure, there is no productivity in taking 2 hours to write a polite email.”
“Its better to be a customer in Japan, but working seems better in America.”


Translated by Elena




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