[From an Online Bulletin Board] I’ve climbed Mt. Fuji with my Super Nintendo so I’ve uploaded the pics!

Will the new sport called "extreme videogaming" become a hit?

Makoto Katsuragi
Makoto Katsuragi


Can’t believe how much it looks good with the nature in the background! lol




It hassle to take it up with me, since it was bigger than what I expected. lol
Super Nintendo is not made for climbing! lol





Was a major hit among the foreigners. lol
2 player! lol



What is said on the internet.


The game selection is awesome!

“It hassle to take it up” lol “it was bigger than what I expected” lol
“Super Nintendo is not made for climbing!” LMFAO

Best article ever!

Having “Bahamut Lagoon” in the sea of clouds! lol

Never crossed my mind to do this!

Must be awesome to see all the Nintendo products in the past on top of Mt. Fuji! lol

Why does this seem so futuristic to me?

I heard that there is a new sport called “extreme videogaming”.

I want to play the game “Terranigma

Well done!

They climbed Mt. Fuji just for this? How cool is that?? lol

Would have been better if the power was on.

Way to cool. Looks like a ad for an SUV.

They should take a TV with them next time so they can play.

They should go to some other mountains outside of Japan and play “Illusion of Gaia”

This guy has to be a genius.

They should register this as the most highest Super Nintendo in Japan.

Nothing is impossible. If you dream it, you can do it! You can even play it on top of Mt. Fuji!

It would look better with an old school TV (A CRT television) on a mountain top. Good luck! We look forward to pictures.

A CRT TV? Are you crazy? Think about how heavy it is!

I guess the best part is it’s not a flat panel TV but a CRT TV.

Please take Play Station with you next time.



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