A high tech toy car with autonomous drive, for only $35

To celebrate the 35th anniversary, they aimed to launch the toy car with autonomous drive, before real cars.

Naoki Yoshioka
Naoki Yoshioka

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Choro-Q is one of the most common toy cars in Japan, and they have sold more than 3000 different types, and 150 million toy cars. (They have sold it overseas as “Penny Racer” and “Turbo Tricksters”)


To celebrate the 35 years of Choro-Q sales, they are launching a new toy car that has autonomous drive, that is able to detect and steer around obstacles.



- Has sensors under the spotlight and detect obstacles
- They turn a steering wheel automatically so it doesn’t hit the obstacle
- When there is an obstacle, it stops, backs up, and turn automatically
- It runs for 1min, after charging for 10sec
- There are no controllers, you can run it on a track you create
- They plan to sell 100,000 toy cars in the first year



TAKARA-TOMY is known for using the latest technology for their toy cars, but still keeping it simple and cheap. They are also known for their sophisticated taste, and surprises adults.


I bet adults can enjoy this new product too.





Translated by Yuki Mat


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