You didn’t know? Station staff comes out from a ticket vending machine

This is not artificial intelligent system but a real intelligence system.

Makoto Katsuragi
Makoto Katsuragi


Try pressing the “Call” button


The ticket vending machines in Japan has a “Call” button. You’re supposed to press it when you need help.



The following video is a clip from a Canadian TV program called “Departures”, when they were traveling in Japan. One of the casts tries to buy a ticket from the vending machine but he can’t find the ticket that he wants to buy, so he pressed the “Call” button.




This is a different “Call” video. This too has a station staff popping out of the machine.




I guess it’s quite surprising if a person’s head just pops out from the wall.
But this has been common in Japan for a long time, and is nothing new!


This is the “Call” button, to get the station staffs to come to you (for JR East). There is a cover, so you spin it around to press the button.




What is said on the Internet…


WOW! This should be implemented all over the world! (Brazil)

I freaked out for one sec. lol (UK)

The guy buying the ticket was surprised! (China)

I was laughing so hard when a person came out from the machine (USA)


I’ve been to Japan, but I was more surprised with the beer vending machine.(Country Unknown)

I guess you don’t have to kick the vending machine if it doesn’t work in Japan.(Country Unknown)

I would tip him, if it was me. (USA)

What is this??? I might just freak out and punch the guy, from reflex. (USA)


Does he live there, just to help people? (UK)

There’s station staff in the computer? (Country Unknown)

The station staff is the computer!(Country Unknown)


Doesn’t Japan have high technology…? (China)

It’s more high tech than North Korea (China)

If this was in London, I bet the stupid punks will press the button every time. (UK)

When you write something bad about the government on the Internet from home, an armed police will come in from the window like this (China)


Is this “Candid Camera”? If this is for real, I would love to go to Japan! (Netherlands)

I also thought this was “Candid Camera”, but I guess it’s for real. I can’t believe it.(Country Unknown)

Is Monty Python back? (USA)

Is this low tech or high tech…? (China)

WOW, this is not artificial intelligent system but a real intelligence system. (China)


This would have been perfect if a female came out! (China)





Translated by Yuki Mat


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