Amazing Karate Moves of a 7 year-old Girl

The stunning movie has been over 3.4 million times around the world!

Naoki Yoshioka
Naoki Yoshioka

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It’s amazing how this 7 year-old Mahiro demonstrates her Kata (Kanku-dai).



It seems that she’s taking lessons in a training hall called YUKUKAI. This training hall has a very high level of educating children. All of the uploaded movies are astonishing. Mahiro’s 10 year-old brother, Masaki’s Jion is awesome, too!




At what age can a child start training? 


My first child was born last year, and I’m personally very interested in how early can a child start training for martial arts. I used to think that Jujutsu was better than Strike for young children, so this movie surprised me. However, it is true that the coaches’ capability has larger influence when it comes to Strike, compared to Jujutsu. Its impossible for me to commute to Niigata prefecture for this…


Here’s a movie of Mahiro when she was 6 years-old. She already has the sharp moves at this point.


Here’s a movie of her at the age of 5. Her upper body moves are already sharp. She can even express Sokuto with her side kicks. Wow!


Here’s a movie of her at the age of 4. Her hips are already at a low position when she moves.



Please let us know if there are any movies of children doing martial arts.



Translated by Elena


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