Bee Keeping in the Middle of the Metropolis, Tokyo

It is being focused on as an experipent to realize biodiversity and to seek possibilities to produce food in urban areas

Naoki Yoshioka
Naoki Yoshioka

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An experiment of keeping bees in  Akasaka, a business area in the middle of Tokyo started in 2011, and this year, they have succeeded in collecting 130 kilograms of honey this year.



  1. The United Nations raised Biodiversity in the 2010 Agenda
  2. Based on this, companies based in the Akasaka area started a joint program of bee keeping
  3. The boxes were placed on the rooftop deck of  the Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS) Television building
  4. They started with 40 thousand bees
  5. It was found that there was plenty of green in Tokyo, and it was possible to collect more honey than expected
  6. Now they keep 100 thousand bees and collected 130 kilograms of honey
  7. Since the farmlands are further away compared to rural areas, there is less damage coming from pesticideう


Currently, they have a campaign to serve dishes using the collected honey in various restaurants in Akasaka. 29 restaurants will be joining the campaign.

In its fourth year of bee keeping, children from elementary schools come to visit the place, and it has now become known in the neighborhood.  Isn’t it cool that you can make food in the middle of such a big city?


Translated by Elena

SOURCE Team Mitsubacheer


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