CYBERDYNE Launches Cyborg Robots for Construction Company

They will start by experimentally renting 5 sets to for joint verification

Naoki Yoshioka
Naoki Yoshioka

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When I was a kid, cyborgs were super fictional things of a remote future. Now, the time has come that cyborgs are being sold from general companies to provide labor service. The future has come!


  1. The seller, CYBERDYNE is a development venture of cyborg robots
  2. CYBERDYNE was established by Professor Yoshiyuki Sankai of Tsukuba University in 2004
  3. CYBERDYNE has been listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange this April
  4. The model launched enhances the movements of the lower limbs
  5. They improved the model that had been provided for medical purposes
  6. You wear it on your lower waist, and it makes it easier to lift heavy items by assisting the stretching movement of the thighs
  7. The assistance power is usually 25%, and the maximum is 40%
  8. The machine is light, and it only weighs 3 kilograms
  9. Robots will be provided to  OBAYASHI-GUMI, a major construction company


This is the commercial for the welfare model


By the way, this robot is called HAL. I’m sure that anyone would recall “The Terminator” and “A Space Odyssey” from the names CYBERDANE and HAL. (Any Japanese would know, too, but I’m considered about the rights..) It’s nice to know that the developer is a geek. They never give up. Our expectations are that they will continue to turn future technology into practical use.



Translated by Elena






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