Moisturizing has a 30 percent effect in prevent babies from having atopy.

We can even expect effect in controling food allergies

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My attention was drawn to this topic as my first child was born last year and I myself have atopy. The following is a summary of information from the news and Facebook comments from researchers.


As a result of applying moisturizer to a baby every day for 8 months, they succeeded in reducing 30 percent of atopic  dermatitis.


  1. It was an 3 year experiment done on 118 babies of family members with atopic dermatitis
  2. The moisturizing group applied moisturizer to the baby more than once a day, after bathing the baby
  3. The other group did not do this
  4. They observed while the families kept moisturizing the babies for 8 months, starting from 1 week after birth
  5. They found that the possibility of atopy reduced 32 percent with the moisturizing group
  6. It is thought that moisturizing prevented functional decline of the skin from drying
  7. Children who got atopy also had showed high rates in egg allergy
  8. It is thought that the constituent of the food penetrated the functionally declined skin
  9. It can be thought that the moisturizing group was able to prevent this penetration of food constituent
  10. They used Hirudoid Soft Ointment 0.3% as the moisturizer
  11. Hirudoid is a moisturizer that is generally prescribed in Japan and is a 0.3% cream of Heparinoid
  12. Researchers point out that the same results can be expected from vaseline
  13. It is important to even moisturize places that doesn’t seem dry
  14. In the past, there were experiments using oil baths (details unknown)


If you were to do this in your home,  it might be more realistic to use the cream in spots that seem to be dry, and use vaseline in the other places.   In any case, it seems that moisturizing babies is more important than we think.


Translated by Elena


Source NHK


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