Successful Development of a Micro Missile that Strikes Only Cancer Cells

It can deliver a fatal dose of anticancer drugs only to cancer cells.

Naoki Yoshioka
Naoki Yoshioka

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Dr. Masaharu Seno of Okayama University and Ensuiko Sugar Refining Co., Ltd developed a missile therapy for cancer cells by directly shooting cancer cells with an anticancer drug capsule.


・They added sugar to the anticancer drug, Pacitaxel

・This made the Paclitaxel highly water soluble
・Add Trastuzumab to the surface of Liposome
・This made it possible to bond with certain cancer cells


This technology made it possible to deliver the anticancer drug  only to certain cancer cells without reacting to normal cells.  According to Nikkan Kokyo Shimbun, even in the experiment where they applied a fatal dose of Paclitaxel to the mouse, the mouse survived and was able to  suppress growth of the  tumor.


Since this method does not function to normal cells, it would be possible to control side affects, which is the largest issue of anticancer drugs. We hope that it would soon be put into practical use.



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