[Trivia] There is a coffee bean called “Geisha”

Starbucks will sell a coffee for 2000yen per cup.

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People were talking about a coffee that Starbucks Japan was about to sell. They were talking about it because it was 2000yen for a cup of coffee. The name of the coffee was “Geisha”. Huh? a “Geisha”?


This name “Geisha”, is not the Japanese kimono wearing lady “Geisha” but it is a name of a mountain in Ethiopia.


  1. The coffee bean smells like a jasmine flower.
  2. The taste is like a sweet nectarine, and a passion fruit.
  3. This was found in 1930, and brought to Costa Rica in 1950s.
  4. The newly launched Panama Auromar Geisha was grown in Finca La Aurora
  5. This bean has been awarded Best of Panama twice.


They will also sell the coffee bean too. It’s 10,000 yen for 250g! OMG!



Source Starbucks Coffee Japan

Translated by Yuki Mat


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