Christian Lassen, shocked to be interviewed as commoner

Oh, I thought I was famous.

Naoki Yoshioka
Naoki Yoshioka

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Christian Lassen was interviewed at the airport. But the interviewer did not know Lassen, and interviewed him as some tourist. Lassen looks very disappointed that not only the TV interviewer was not able to recognize him, but also didn’t even know who he was after hearing his name. He thought he was more famous.

Co..Lassen’s coordinator

TV..TV crew, interviewer


TV: (To Lassen)Hello, interview OK?

L: (Talking to the coordinator)Did you plan this?

Co (To Lassen)Yeah, oh NO.

TV: This program is called “Why Did You Come to Japan?-You wa nani shini Nippon e?”.

Co: Do you know who he is?

TV: Nope.

Co: Is this going to be on TV?

TV: Ummm. Maybe.

Co: (To Lassen)You can advertise your exhibition during this interview.


TV: May I ask a few questions?

Co: Sure.

TV: (To Lassen) Which country are you from?

L: Hawaii

TV: Oh, so you are from America…

L: Yes

TV: Why Did You Come to Japan?

L: Promotion

TV: Promotion for what?

L: I’m an artist, I’m showing my paintings.

TV: Does that mean you’re a painter?

L: Yeah. Don’t you know me?

TV: May I ask your name? Ummm, I can’t tell by just looking at your face. Could you take off your sunglasses?

L: Christian Lassen

TV: Oh yes…hmm…

L: (To the coordinator) Am I not famous anymore??? What’s happened?

Co: No no no no noooo! I don’t think so. You had glasses on so…

Co: (To the TV crew) You do know him, right?

L: (To the coordinator) You need to make me more famous now.

TV: I’m so sorry but I actually don’t know you at all…


This clip created a lot of buzz on the internet. From the amount of buzz that was created, I bet you can tell that Christian Lassen is very famous in Japan. He has been in Japan many times, and it is totally understandable that he is thinks he should be famous. He actually IS famous. But to be quite honest, I don’t really like his works, but I think he’s reaction to this interview is “CUTE”.( ^∀^)hahaha


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