[Trivia] Happy Birthday!! Tokyo Tower!!

The symbol of Tokyo, the Tokyo Tower. It is still loved by many people.

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Naoki Yoshioka

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Tokyo Tower completed it’s construction in October 14th, 1958. This makes Tokyo Tower 56 years old this year. The tower acted as a support structure for an antenna, that used to broadcast signals for Japanese media outlets throughout Tokyo. Tokyo Tower’s height was not high enough to adequately support broadcasting to the area, due to high buildings that were built, therefore the new Sky Tree was built. Now the broadcasting signals are sent from Sky Tree but many people still love the Tokyo Tower.


  1. A baseball was found at 306m while changing an antenna.
  2. Due to the earthquake in 2011, the antenna on the top was bent by 2 degrees East.
  3. It was approved as a registered tangible cultural asset in 2013.
  4. The image character is called “Noppon” http://www.tokyotower.co.jp/noppon/
  5. There is a incredibly small aquarium in the building.
  6. There used to be a wax museum that imported wax dolls from the UK.
  7. While building the tower, one person died from a fall.
  8. It is said to be the symbol of Tokyo but actually, a rich person from Osaka built it.
  9. The leader that was responsible for the high areas, Mr. Goro Kiryu married his fiancee the next day it was built.
  10. Most of the materials used for parts higher than the observatory was metal from old tanks from the US army.
  11. The naming for the Tokyo Tower was chosen from public submission, and a 5th grade girl from Kanagawa prefecture was awarded 100,000yen.
  12. It has been recolored 9 times. They do this by hand.
  13. It has a lightning rod on top, and it gets hit by lightning 13 times a year on average.



Photos from Mainichi Newspaper during the building.


Public photo posting of Tokyo Tower sponsored by Tokyo Tower.


Instagram with TokyoTower tags.

Translated by Yuki Mat


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