1/3 Fuel consumption! Breakthrough Arc Motion Engine Receives Patent

Is it a discovery of the century or just a dream story? Co-development partners are wanted!

Naoki Yoshioka
Naoki Yoshioka

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Japan Software Approach Co., Ltd received a patent for a new structure engine. The new engine is called Arc motion engine, and its innovative structure is gathering attention. Japan Software Approach is now  in search for a co-development partner to make create this engine.


The structure of the Arc motion engine is similar to the combination of a Reciprocating engine and the Rotary engine. You can see what its like in this video.



  1. Very light and compacr. The engine displacement is 1080cc and the main body weighs only 13.9 kilograms
  2. Torque 18.0kgf・m
  3. Generating power is 244 horse power
  4. Thermal efficiency is more than 55%
  5. Fuel consumption is less than 1/3 existing engines


Although it is being taken up in the news, expert comments could not be found. Is it a discovery of the century or just a dream story? Further study is awaited.


It seems like they are looking for co-development partners, but inquiries can only be made in Japanese. If you are interested, you can contact them from here.



Translated by Elena


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