The World’s Smallest and Latest Washing Machine is only 18 centimeters Long and Weighs 200 grams

Its not a toy. Fashion industry shows great anticipation.

Hiroshi Fukami
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What do you imagine when you hear “the world’s smallest washing machine”? A wash-basin? A bucket? A kettle? Well, the answer is the size of a 500ml plastic bottle.


by AQUA Channel via YouTube


Haier Asia’s “COTON” is a washing machine that specializes in removing stains. You put detergent on the spoiled spot, beat it with COTON and rinse it with water.  Washing will complete in a minimum of 30 seconds. It is scheduled to go on sale March, 2015.


If you keep it in your living room, you can wash off the pasta sauce or wine, right after you spill. Restaurants and hospitals can use as a part of their service to remove stains for customers or patients.


In China, they don’t wash their clothes everyday. They wear the same clothes for days and just wash the dirty parts.  COTON was developed to match such needs but when the president saw the prototype at the R&D base in Kyoto, he decided to sell it in Japan.






Translated by Elena


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