2015 is the Year of “Evangelion”, the Year Where it All Started

It the website announcing a new release?

Hiroshi Fukami
Hiroshi Fukami

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He works as a freelance writer and editor. His diverse body of work is covered in From the Cradle to the Grave (Yurikago kara Hakaba Made). He enjoys watching J League soccer, baseball, mixed martial arts, and professional wrestling. He also enjoys video games, especially first person shooters, open-world role playing games, and fighting games. His current favorite is Ingress.

The anime “NEON GENESIS EVANGELION” started broadcasting in 1995, it has been a revolution and a cultural icon in the Japanese animation/otaku scene. 2015 is the year in which Shinji Ikari battles with an “Angel SACHIEL”on the EVA Unit 01 on the episode 1 of the TV series.


On the official website it says “It is the Year 2015”, and making the fans really excited.
Lots of the fans look forward to what is coming up, but the there the fans are kind of giving up by saying “We might just get tricked again”.


Translated by Yuki Mat.


A Japanese watch manufacture launched a “wrist computer” in 1984.


The sushi bar “Kiyotomo” designed sophisticatedly by Shiro Kuramata, has been dismantled by professionals and shipped to Hong Kong.


So you hate the stickiness and the smell of natto?? Well, let’s see what we can do with biotechnology...


The Gear for Ultralight Hiking - Non-attachment and the Identity -


Ummm… yes, there is a propeller but...