Live-action Doraemons of the world. Jean Reno acts as Doraemon in Japan.

In Spain, we found a real cat

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Naoki Yoshioka

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The TV commercial with Jean Reno acting as Doraemon became popular in Japan. But this is not only in Japan. Live-action films of Doraemon are being made around the world.


This is the well known Japanese version



A live-action version of Doraemon was made for a TOYOTA commercial. It became popular because famous actors appeared while they kept the image of the original.


In Taiwan, they made a promotional video



The characters of Doraemon appeared in the promotional video of a popular artist. This was also faithful to the original image.


On the other hand, the Vietnamese version had a slightly different interpretation



This is a parody made by a group of young actors. Gian, a girl?? Despite the criticism on the internet, we can sill feel the love for the production.


In Hong Kong, comedians made a skit



LoL!! Not too bad, huh?


In Spain, they used Doraemon as a character for a cocoa product



An actual cat is dressed like Doraemon. But still, its just a cat.


Doraemon is loved all over the world. We hope to see more of the world’s new “Doraemons”! LoL





Translated by Elena


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