Will SAKE be served in clubs all over the world?

Activities of Richie Hawtin, the SAKE preacher

Naoki Yoshioka
Naoki Yoshioka

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DJ Richie Hawtin (Plastikman) loves Japanese sake. He puts his energy in spreading sake by setting up bars to serve it. He even collaborated with a sake maker in Kyoto, Fujioka Shu-zo to make an original.



The movie introduces how he visits various local sake makers all over Japan. Its a wonderful piece where can thoroughly understand the sake culture through his activities,.



There are over 1500 local sake makers in Japan, and you can enjoy their various characteristics. Many of them are run by families. Going around to find your favorite sake should be a wonderful experience for a person traveling in Japan. Its still an area with not much source of information, and would be an interesting topic for  XAMOSCHI to cover.

In the movie, you can see despair of young people shifting away from sake, which is true. The sake culture is gradually declining. Richie serves sake in bars, but it might be the young Japanese people that he really wants to enjoy sake.




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