Your dog would feel better by just wearing it?

A dog version of "it" is now on sale. Dog lovers are loving it, and has already sold 7000 pieces.

Naoki Yoshioka
Naoki Yoshioka

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Compression sportswear will moderately pressure parts of your body so you don’t feel tired and also has a soothing effect. Its not only popular among sports players, but also to general people who enjoy jogging. If its effective to humans, then why shouldn’t it work on dogs, too?


When I fist saw this product, I thought it was very ‘Japanese’  to try putting this on a dog. But, actually, this is not a Compression sportswear.  It seems to be quite loose, but a dog will feel better just wearing it.


The reason is because it has minerals weaved in its fiber. The mineral includes Nano-Platinum. You’d often see many sports players wearing necklaces with titanium in it. Phiten isa common maker here in Japan.


I’ve never worn this kind of product, so I’m not sure how effective it its. But there has been numerous inquiries, and it has already produced 7000 pieces. FYI, this company has sold 200 thousand pieces of products for humans.


For the dog-lovers out there, why not try one?


Manufacturer’s website Venex Recovery Dog Wear



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