1 Stock Available on Amazon for $1Million! Actual Giant Mech KURATAS

It has been out of stock for a long time, but "stock available" has been shown several times this month, which created buzz among internet users.

Naoki Yoshioka
Naoki Yoshioka

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KURATAS is a giant 4-legged human-form robot produced by Suidobashi Heavy Industry. It weighs 5 tons and is 3.8 meters high. Its driven by an engine and is self-propelled. You can even climb into the engine and control it. It has 30 hydraulically-powered joints and it can grab things using its 2 giant arms. Th maker says, “we cannot assure your safety, but we assure the human kind’s dream to become a robot pilot”.


KURATAS has appeared on the media many times, and every time its powerful appearance has knocked the guts out of us. Its sales had been noticed repeatedly, but finally it had been posted on Amazon on December, 2013. Just for your information, it was categorized as “ride-on toy”. However, all the time it has been out of stock. And now! Finally! The stock display had been turned on this month!


Since I noticed it around 6 pm, January 26, there is still stock as of now (8 pm, January 29). According to information on the web, there was a time when it showed that there was stock, on January 6, but in the afternoon of the same day, the stock was out. Had it been sold? For 1 Million dollars!? (FYI, the KURATAS sold in Amazon is a starter-kit, and it does not have arms.)


(When I saw it for the first time, I took as many screen captures as possible, as I didn’t know when they would be gone.)




KURATAS is a work of art made by the model sculptor, Kougoroh Kurata and Suidobashi Heavy Industry is the name of his team. In Japanese anime, we often see robots controlled by humans inside, and they fight evil. It has always been a boys dream to control a giant robot.  KURATAS was created to make that dream come true.  


Kurata  himself has revealed his will to mass-produce and sell the robot. Maybe the day has finally come, when we can actually purchase KURATAS. Currently, there is no comment on Kurata’s blog or twitter account.


KURATAS Starter-Kit (Amazon)  
Suidobashi heavy industry Inside  


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