What Lives Inside the 1200m Deep Rice Cooker

There was motherly love, that guard her eggs.

Hiroshi Fukami
Hiroshi Fukami

Writer / Editor

He works as a freelance writer and editor. His diverse body of work is covered in From the Cradle to the Grave (Yurikago kara Hakaba Made). He enjoys watching J League soccer, baseball, mixed martial arts, and professional wrestling. He also enjoys video games, especially first person shooters, open-world role playing games, and fighting games. His current favorite is Ingress.

More than 2million Chinese tourists visit Japan every year, and one of the popular souvenirs are the rice cooker. The Japanese rice cookers are popular all over the world.


Recently Canadian ROPOS (“Remotely Operated Platform for Ocean Science”) found a rice cooker in 1200m deep sea with a crab on top. When the opened the lid… ….


There was a mommy octopus guarding her eggs. When the ROPOS arm moves away from the lid, the mommy octopus immediately closed the lid. You mustn’t make mommy angry.


Even the octopus likes the rice cooker.


Translated by Yuki Mat.


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