A Polite Bank Robber, Politely Arrested

The Japanese are so polite that even the bank robbers are polite enough to wait for his turn.

Hiroshi Fukami
Hiroshi Fukami

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On January 27th 2015, a man walks in a bank in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture. Toyota City is known to be the headquarters of the world famous Toyota Cars. The man walks up to the female teller and flashes his knife and says “Give me money!”.


Maybe the man or the female teller might have got shot in a country that allows a possession of a gun, but this is Japan. The female teller gently asks the robber to “Please sit down on the sofa over there, while we get prepare.” It was almost like treating a VIP that came into cash in his check. What is more funny is that the robber decided to politely obey and he waited quietly sitting down on the sofa.


The bank robber was arrested immediately after by the police, since the bank reported the robbery. The internet users that saw this news said “it must be better to stay in jail than the park or on the streets since it is this cold”.


We do not know if it said “kindly seat the robber to the sofa” in the bank’s manual.


Source sankei.com


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