The Latest Sony’s Walkman is now $1,199.99?

Is it too expensive? Comments are seething online.

Hiroshi Fukami
Hiroshi Fukami

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Sony has announced that they will launch the new Walkman called “NW-ZX2” which supports High-Resolution Audio which has higher audio signals with bandwidth and/or dynamic range greater than that of a CD, on February 14th 2015.


The Walkman brand first came out in 1979, and was a major hit worldwide to be the first portable cassette tape player ever. Then they launched the CD player “DISCMAN”, and the DVD player “DVD WALKMAN”, and recent year they have released MP3 players that uses the Memory Stick.


The all new “NW-ZX2” not only can play the High-Resolution Audio, but it can also upscale the compressed audio files such as CDs or MP3 to a high level closer to High-Resolution Audio.


This super premium gadget uses Sony’s advance technology, but the price is also very premium. Why don’t you check out if it is worth it at the shops.


Translated by Yuki Mat.


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